Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thank you India!

A lovely man from India asked me “I shall appreciate if you could talk more and more of Witchcraft Religion.. Kindly share!”
I could talk about it for 200 years!
According to pop culture Witchcraft is not nor was never a religion and that is wrong! Witchcraft is the native Religion and culture of western Europe, an unbroken thread of beliefs going back to the paleolithic western Europe 750,000 years ago. We Witches have survived a thousand years of genocide at the hands of christianity and pop culture pagans seek to finish the job...

Witchcraft is polytheistic with a Mother Goddess and a Father God and in the culture of Witchcraft the sexes are equal.

Witchcraft is a very practical faith we have always believed in reincarnation because we have always had pass life memory's! Witchcraft has no devil and do not believe in the Devil devils or demons. Witchcraft is a practical faith but very mystical, any one can be a wiccan but only a Witch can practice Witchcraft...we are born what we are, life time after life time. There will be Witches on this earth as long she is here, we are the children of the earth and we are divine in her eyes...

I have always said we Witches are gentle people when we are allowed to be,

Thank you for the opportunity to be so and thank you for the opportunity to speak freely, so many groups are out to silence us it is heartwarming to know that there are people of other religions and culture who seek to hold out a hand of friendship...

Blessed be...Autumn Storm Hp