Friday, November 29, 2013

The town of Witches. By Kaushik July 30, 2010

Triora's beauty overshadows a gruesome Middle Ages renown. A year of bad weather and crop shortages in 1587 led to the accusation that witches were conspiring against Triora. A group of women from Triora and local villages were accused of sacrificing babies to The Devil. They were tried, tortured, and burned alive between 1587-89. "La Cabotina", the place of their blasphemous rites still exists.

The residents of Triora seems to take a rather morbid pride on the town’s dark history. Apart from a museum, there are witch shops, sign posts, sculptures, witch houses and various relics dotting the entire town. Triora also holds a series of folklore- and horror-themed events and festivals. It has three annual festivals: a summer witchcraft festival, in August; and two autumn celebrations: the mushroom festival in September; and Halloween, at the end of October.

Witch prison door