Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The triple aspect of the great Horned One, toxic femininity and Male health. part 1

This is a systemic issue that has been growing and maintained by the gynocentric western world. Remember the attitude of “women and children first” and male lives are disposable and any discussion of male issues is misogyny and any time we are allowed to discuss masculinity is in the frame work of “toxic masculinity.”

feminism’s hatred of Christianity and that fact that feminism and wicca which are the same thing has removed the Father God (The Great Horned one)! And let me stop here and say emphatically “feminism” has nothing to do with women or women’s rights and is nothing but a Marxist hate group and wicca is feminism packaged in a glittery gynocentric religious ideology and well in for a penny in for a pound the Goddess is and will never be a single welfare mother! That said we Witches are moving to a more balanced way of seeing our Religion and the world around us. The mental and physical health of men and a better understanding of our Horned Father God is essential to our people. But I think it’s very telling that a post about the Horned God we are still focused on women and that is because once we remove the Goddess from her God we like wicca and it’s toxic femininity (women's mysteries) we failed.

We know so much about the mental, physical and spiritual health of women but know nothing about our own Father God and ourselves, our Sons our Brothers our lovers! In almost all culture 78% of suicides are men and in the western world feminists openly celebrate the male suicide rate! Christianity is a toothless entity and poses little threat but feminism, wicca, christian witches and well the whole of the pagan community is the biggest problem to us Witches from what I see…

The Son, Father and Sage as far as I know is new to Witchcraft, in many tradition the Father God (the King) is sacrificed or sacrifices himself for the good of his children. So I’m not sure where the triple aspect of the God comes in to play as far as mythology and religious practice but it’s going to be most exciting to see!

On a personal note I’m so glad to be back on the blog after all this time I miss you all and missed having a good rant!